pool fun

The outdoor life was a chief consideration when moving here, in Wales the kids had to be taken everywhere, here they stay up in the Summer until all hours, games like hide and seek after midnight are the norm, and the whole village looks after everyone's kids, the village of Murtas has 'eyes'! 

If you book a week or more at Casa Duende then not only will you get superb accommodation at a low price, but also a warm welcome from the locals, and be assured that your children will be safe and secure, and enjoy their freedom.

The outdoor pool is now open until the end of July, it's only €1 for the whole day for kids - and the cool water is a bonus after the hot sun.  Be prepared for total strangers to slap the suncream on whichever kids are there!

Our neighbours, Diego and Toni, have just opened their new bar right beside the pool - and the tapas is tasty and varied - and did I mention free? A free plate with every drink ordered, they are currently serving:

  • Jamon with capers
  • local cheese
  • sardines on the grill
  • home made herby hamburgers
  • local sausages
  • russian salad
  • their own tomatoes with local olive oil and salt
all accompanied by the bread from the only wood fired oven in Las Alpujarras - delivered daily by SalĂș. (He'll even let you make it!)

So, if you want to make a splash this Summer...book now!

All bookings for the remainder of July come with guaranteed de-stress, battery recharging and removal of writer's block!