Dog needs home in Andalucía

A familiar story. Sadly.

Yet another dog dumped in the village of Murtas Las Alpujarras this week.

Yesterday, Isobel found this lovely white Spanish Gun dog/Hunting dog in the plaza, it seems to have attached itself to her, very timid, loves kids, has neither bark nor bite....recently had pups.
We have 5 waifs and strays and cannot have another in our garden-less please anyone?
She will otherwise be picked up in the week by the pound guys, taken to Granada and be routinely put down, what a pity, a lovely dog with a super nature ...Issey has named her Luna and she's happy to answer to that...


  1. Just found you via 'Bitten By Spain' and the slide show has done it for me! Orchids - I love orchids. Haven't any on my blog (yet) but the village site I put up has plenty as well as other stuff (SW Turkey)
    Enjoying exploring your stuff.
    Alan @

  2. Thanks Allen, if you have a look at you ll see plenty more photos taken in and around the village. The orchids are 10 a penny in Spring, all around and within a short walk of the village. Come and stay! Add yourself to the following list as well....will have a read of yours later....


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