Brightening up? Naturally... at My Pure

Don't the months just race round?  Another little brown box of treats for lil' old me arrived again in June for me to test, what a job, eh? 

Ages ago I had the A'kin rose hydrating spray, which went down so well that when I spotted the Lavender version I had to order it.... 

A'kin cellular brightening mist  in my favourite smellicious scent of all time -Lavender- is a light pump bottle of 125ml, which releases a fine mist for your face providing a squirt of Vitamin C, Anti- oxidant, B5 and Aloe....and all for just 14.99

You all know I live in Sunny Spain, and boy is it sunny at the moment - the temperature has been creeping up to 40º most days this week, so I have used it a  lot, and it's lovely, apart form all the good stuff it's giving my skin, it's totally instantaneously refreshing and more to the point, the FLIES, the bane of my life HATE it, yah hey.

A winner for My Pure and a crowd pleaser of a gift...5*****.

They have me spoiled for sure.  The second little goody in the parcel was a little glass vial of this little number:
Lovea Borage oil is a sealed pump dispenser, no nasty sprays here, a generous 50ml for just 9.99.

As I have got older, I tend to use a facial oil under moisturizer in the morning, and last thing at night.  It helps to distribute your moisturizer making it go further as well as treating your skin....a good tip.  I have been known to use olive oil in the past when nothing else was available!  (The once supermodel Marie Helvin was rumoured to have used a well known margarine!) 

Have a read of this from their site:
Applied daily to the face and neck by gentle massaging, it will reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and bring life back to dull skin.  Recommended for dry, tired or lifeless skin.

And yes, again, as with so many of the products from My Pure it does do exactly what it says on the tin, bottle, box, tub.

What next?  With the rising temperatures set to stay for July I am considering something with a high SPF to review, so meet me back here towards the end of we have a date then?!

A'kin cellular brightening mist