An A'kin fix for Panda Eyes

My monthly treat of My Pure - ly great gift arrived again, and it's officially true....good goods really do come in small packages!

In a few days I am another year older, and although I still feel 23, the eyes tell another tale!   Windows to the soul they might be, but sometimes they need a little renovation!

Tired eyes are all too quick to show up as dark and ringed and I was delighted to have the chance to try out A'kin Eye Gel a little miracle in a tube!

 The pump dispenser provided a squirt of creamy gel, no smell, non sticky, and thankfully really light - I have in the past spent large amounts of money on eye treatments that are just too heavy, but not this little wonder.  Easily applied, it sweeps under the eye to smooth away tiredness with just one application, relaxing the eye and absorbs instantly.

White Tea and Cornflower soothe and reduce any puffiness and Vitamin C and Esculin help to nourish and relax...sounds edible.  By the way Esculin is derived from the Horse Chestnut, well, you were wondering!

So whether you have hungover eyes, too much sun eyes, city polluted eyes, or just the wrong side of 40 eyes, treat yourself to this fab Eye Gel, competitively priced too at just 21.99 GBP, your eyes are worth it!  And while you're there browse the My Pure site, and read up on the My Pure Promise for more naturally good stuff!

Lots of nice gifts for Fathers day too!