Well, this is it.  Time to say adios, au revoir, slán leat.....

Time for The Cull.

YOU know what I mean, that button we wish life had.
  • delete
  • unfriend
  • unfollow
Now, I'm a friendly gal, love to chat, socialize, meet interesting folk. Interesting to me. We're talkin' Twitter.

Mostly.  Facebook is people I want to add. Period. I do not wish to have 1 zillion 'friends'. Can't think of anything worse.
Twitter, I like to be followed, and reciprocally follow, folk that like wot I like...if I were to hashtag my likes they'd be
#gin  - did I mention that? -
#more free stuff ...did I mention I was a complete PR whore?

That brings me nicely to the fact that I really would rather not follow Debbie Does Dallas, strippers in Sydney, or self help groups from Sittingbourne - ditto luxury lifestyle accounts - as I have officially given up hope on that one - nor am I interested in making a million in just 1 week working from home....because neither did you or you would be off quaffing champagne on your yacht.

So, no offence caused I do hope....but that's it. The end of the road. There really is no future for us. Sorry. Please take back your ring.

*roadkill hat - check. Shotgun - check. I may see you later....


  1. Do you know Carol. After that post I think I might well do the same. Well said!

  2. oh no *desperately checks to see if he has bumped me!!


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