Like it or lump it

Como ajo y agua in Spanish, nothing to do with garlic or water, but often heard shouted by an irate mother in the village...

Or by me this morning...not at the kids, but just at myself.  I have morphed into useless woman.  Stan is away in the UK and is sorely missed...before you all go aaahhh, it's only because I cannot do the simplest of things without him.
Should the ceiling fall in, or the water burst it's  pipes, no problem.  Should one of the kids chop off a leg or an arm, there I am, calm as can be, ready with the iodine and plasters. Snakebite to the cat, squeezed many a pussed up pussy nada.

But present me with a quilt and a cover and I am flummoxed. Foxed.  Banjaxed.  Just. can. not. do. it.

Likewise the blasted alarm, I can use the CD player on it but that's it, so mobile alarm it is, and if we're late then we're late.

Our sometimes- neighbour and very good friend Carole has a guest at her house this weekend, so I went to clean the dustballs, evict the LARGE spider, and make the bed.  Whilst inside the cover - I spent at least 10 minutes in there - I fiddled and smoothed, pushed edges in corners and emerged to find a completely different shape, like origami.  But Stan is not on hand for domestic duties this week, so I had to go in again and somehow got the bed to look averagely smooth - ish. Like it -or more likely- lump it.
So it's done, back to my own Dickensian squalor and the clothes mountain - how can 2 kids wear so many clothes? But, hey, the sun is shining so maybe a coffee on the terrace first, oh and there's my book and......zzzzzz.


  1. Procrastination has become far more interesting having your blog to read carol! made me laugh!! hope your well and god i hope the ceiling doesn't fall in!! as for the duvet... ah! they will cope, their in Andalusia in the heart of the sierra contraviesa, im sure the guests will be so mesmerized with the beauty of the place that their bedding will be the least of their worries :) xx

  2. Thank you Hayley and glad you like reading the Blog! Do add yourself as a follower...and try not to study too hard!


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