Good Neighbours, Great friends..

We're not short of either here in Murtas....neighbour just knocked with a huge amount of Cherry Plum Tomatoes and Green Peppers freshly picked from his Huerta (vegetable garden).  They smell delicious, really, you guessed it, tomatoey.

Not the same neighbour who provides us with all our wine and broad beans, but the same one that regularly dishes out olive oil and olives..How lucky are we?!

Half the trick is fitting in, learning Spanish and's easy, it's fun and it's a good deal more interesting than remaining a Guiri!
Stan of course has overdone it...he's off out canvassing with his election pals, knocking on doors and trying to drum up some support for PSOE and the elections on Sunday. It's pouring rain so he's gonna get very wet...

Whatever your leanings politically, it's important to show some opinion as a foreigner here in Spain.  Remember, if you show no interest you really don't have a leg of complaint to stand on!
And it shows you care about the area you live in, and it's future. 

It's easy to say you have no interest, but it reflects badly on you.. especially in a small village....

What do you think?