Best days of your life?

Early morning time betwixt and between Josh catching the bus - this morning he missed it and Stan has begrudgingly driven him - and waking the she-monster....A cup of tea and a glance over the back page of our village cultural magazine Corazón de Murtas...we aim to produce 4 yearly and I have yet to load up the web version, later today maybe.

The back page of the latest issue had a piece by the kids in Isobel's class, about what they would like for the future.  The mini Hombres discussed the state of the roads, the Señoritas want some shops....apart from Isobel, whose wish list included a theatre, a cinema, a department store, a new playground, a music class, painting lessons, more now you see why I never handed her the Argos catalogue at Christmas with the instruction:
Go on , make a list....
 Oh no.  The picture however told a story, a small handful of smiling kids, happy and oozing confidence, a far cry from our schooldays...At least from Primary School and the Sisters of No Mercy, where the education was fine but also where a twhack from the strap was the result of The Wrong Lunch, Too Pretty, The Wrong Answer, Writing With The Devil Hand, Falling off your Chair, or Big Ears.....anything that made you stand out was a good reason to humiliate or punish you, in my case the last three remain stand-out memories....I mean, look at my ears....!
A far cry from the Colegio Rural de Murtas today, where the only contact dispensed is likely to be a kiss or a hug, and the kids seem to laugh as much as they learn.  They're a cheeky lot, but funny, and confident, and are learning a  lot more than how to conjugate a verb!