Patience is a virtue

I believe so.  Does anyone out there have a normal morning?  Here I sit jostling for pole position on the computer chair with a dog in the middle of his morning ablutions wondering just that.
I get up at 6:20, have a cup of tea and call Josh for his insulin shot and breakfast, oh, 8 maybe 10 times. He walks past/over/through me usually with a greeting of *keep your hair on* or similar.  I hand him a tray with cereal,  - the bowl will be an archaeological find some weeks later under his bed - toast, juice, his wrapped lunch. He showers, asks me for the trousers he gave me to wash at midnight the night before *what? but I GAVE them to you* and slopes off to catch the bus at 7:30. I breathe, have a 2nd cup of tea, then call the beast known as Isobel.  Her greeting is to ask me the time in a low growl whereby she emerges wearing half pyjamas, half yesterdays clothes, and one sock.  She squints at the computer and screams *I'm late it's 40 past 8, you should have got me up*.  I explain it's 7:40.... *what? why are you getting me up at this time?* She accepts food, usually meat, cheese, a banana, and sits wild haired and wide eyed in front of whatever it on Ch 626 - prodded after half an hour, she eats, then wanders towards the bathroom with an entire wardrobe collection of Nothing to Wear, and emerges another half an hour later smelling of MY Ralph Lauren and still wearing 1 sock. Another 15 minutes of staring at hair and she's off, singing and transformed into 12 yr old angel.  Aah, then I can relax and write to you...