The lovely game

After a week of spluttering and coughing, a legacy of my childhood Bronchitis, I'm once again back on form.  Easy to feel better when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, no?

So today Stan and Josh have made their way down to watch their team Almeria play Bilbao....although poor old Almeria look done for this season, I guess another thrashing will make no difference!   Their slogan is Más que Futbol: Pasión.....I guess they'll need it!

Passion indeed is the driving force whenever we watch a match here in Spain, whether it's money driven Madrid , or Barça with their flair and skill....and petulance.  Josh now plays for the local league team, a motley crew of 20+ somethings who gather for local matches once or twice a week.  Devoid of Manager, they run about like the keystone kops, and all is good humoured until the inevitable row in the second half, where everyone is a Putamadre and the ref might as well just emigrate....

Afterwards they all go out to a local bar for for beer and tapas, yesterday Josh was 'treated' to a stew of rabbit partridge and pheasant, complete with all innards blood and heads, luckily he said he landed the liver and feet on his plate.

He enjoyed it, after 5 years it's all good fun and the norm for him.    It's a long way from Durham Colts in Newport and a MacDonalds!