Footie photos

Went to watch Josh play again last night, they won, usual passion fueled, er, discussion afterwards....he also was collared into linesman duty for the 2nd match, which involved leaning casually against a pole and occasionally waving flag.

The location is Cadiar, in Las Alpujarras,  our nearest ' big smoke' 35 kms up the road from Murtas, the pitch is sand - beats Welsh mud, at least for cleaning the boots!- The ham happily hanging from a tree on the sidelines is the raffle prize,  the Ronaldo shirt is worn by the Referee who came in for a little heckling..we're in red...Bodegas Linares.
It' s all good fun really and lots of the neighbours come along for the evening, chat and tapas afterwards at a roadside inn. 
Photos by Isobel, aged 12.  Beer imbibing and heckling by Carol, Stan y Los Murteños aged, well,  should know better.
The prize fly encrusted Jamon

The bored (selectively corrupt)Linesman


The Ref who was afraid to enter the pitch...