blood and guts....

Whew! What a seems to have flown past in a rush of work, guests in local properties, football matches and teaching here in Murtas.

You know the routine, for the English Classes, Tuesdays are 3-5 yr olds, Wednesdays 7-10 yr olds and sometimes adults that evening.
Off I went Wednesday, set up the classroom with some work and waited, they were a little late - I get them straight after lunch in the comedor - a few minutes later in they barged and I realized with horror from the dayglo yellow around their mouths it was Paella day....aarrgh.
The Cook here uses a particular type of food colouring that is FULL of 5 different E numbers, and I imagine is supposed to take the place of the more expensive Saffron, uneconomical for catering quantities.
Apart from the fact it lends nothing but colour, it has the effect of Blue Smarties, geddit?

So a game ensued of pinching " Solo una mentira, Maestra" Just a joke Teacher...
throwing each other off the chairs, pretending to be Mules (they kick) and Lions (they roar and bite) until I picked up the loudest criminal, otherwise known as D in Jeremy Kyle fashion, and 'removed' him to a corner. He responded with his hands tight around his own throat gasping " agua agua" .  Taking him to the bathroom, I was turned in my tracks by a blood curdling scream and A came running after me with blood pouring from his nose.
On asking how it happened the sweetest little girl - known as M, they're all M - held up her blood streaked fist and threatened everyone in the huddle...."Solo una mentira, Maestra".......

What English did they learn this week?......unrepeatable.

Here's a nice Jamie Oliver recipe for Paella: