Where has....

....my blue sky gone?  Today dawned grey and rainy, I didn' t order that!
News that Spanish Airports may strike for Easter, continuing the grey and dismal note, I hope not considering the economy here virtually relies on tourism, that would be disastrous...lets cross our fingers.

Ash Wednesday today, and the start of Lent. What will you give up or do differently, if anything?
As kids it was sweets, and a big stack of "No thanks I'm off those for Lent but I'll take one anyway" sweets would await for Easter Sunday......as an adult it' s a good excuse to stay off the demon drink, of course being Irish the day of exception is St Patricks on the 17th March, just got to wet that shamrock...!

So yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day, not celebrated hereabouts so Isobel took the opportunity of inviting half a dozen or so mates for Pancakes at 8pm....it was fun, especially as they're mostly from the " kitchens are not for kids" type of family, I let them throw and toss the pancakes round the kitchen and they all had a great time, I took the precaution of paper plates so lessening the workload for me!
They ate the entire sugar bowl so I then threw them out on the street to play afterwards, the joy of a safe quiet Alpujarran village!

Let's hope the rain stops, as do talks of striking, and the sun puts it hat on soon!