Stan needed to go to the nearest town today.
 Nothing unusual in that but the car is out of action and it' s a 70km round trip. The telephone bill needed to be paid, he needed to withdraw the cash as a cashpoint is way too 21st century for Murtas, so off he went.


Well the school bus of course! Isabel the driver waved him on and dropped him in town where he sorted out the bank and the bills.  Next poser was how to get home again, he reckoned he would just thumb a lift, most people know him by sight if not name - sometimes as ' El Ingles con pelo largo' The English bloke with the long hair!  Not sure what they call me, not sure that I want to know!!

So after a coffee break he headed up the road, after about 5kms he was wondering whether there had been a 5 minute warning as not a single car had passed.............just then, tooooot - ' Hey hombre, Que hace?, he looked round to find the village bakers'  Dad and brother, doing the bread delivery round. Hop in was the command. so he did as bid, in the back of the van with the floury stock.  A serpentine trip ensued, delivering bread to the Contraviesa , up and down tracks to cortijos and hamlets before arriving back here to the village.  So he had a lift, a new experience, a chat and 3 fresh barras de Pan to take home.

Not quite the usual route but fun all the same, and when he sat down at home the sofa was covered in flour!