A taste of home

Now as you should all be aware by now I am the No1 fan of integration in an adoptive country, and I can think of very few things more irritating than that obnoxious tribe the Expat.....(common spotted Expat - Markings: include GB registered car, found in isolated habitat, unfamiliar with surroundings, Cry: loud, high pitched, Bockadildo con kayso).

  The thought of afternoon beers discussing Blighty both frightens and disgusts me, and I will have nothing to do with Guiris that refuse to get on and learn Spanish and mix.  To be completely honest I feel a certain sadness for them as their collective world must be absolutely tiny, socially and mentally.

Spleen vented.

Having said all that, sometimes you need a cup of Ty Phoo, and that means an hour long round trip to the nearest town of Cádiar here in Las Alpujarras. Not the prettiest town, but an evil necessity!   Should you happen to visit, walking the GR7 or just passing through on holidays, drop in to Pagamenos which is situated on the main road approaching town.  You'll find all those brands including teabags that you miss from home, at great value prices, a selection of gifts and (bilingual!) books, together with an excellent café on site.  Robin and Di are always friendly, always accommodating, nothing is too much trouble.  They speak Spanish too!  In face they're a prime example of how a foreign business should be run in Spain.
Also on site is Ali,  the best vet in the region, another reason to visit.  Click the shop name to visit the website, and call in soon. It's a pleasure to recommend nice people!