My Pure Indulgence

Yes it arrived again this week, that little cardboard box of delights from My Pure, more products for me to review for you. Bliss. This month I had ordered and received a bottle of A'Kin Mandarin Shampoo a big pump dispenser of 500ml, designated for the whole family as this edition specifies as suitable for all hair types.  At 18.49GBP I consider this more than I would ever spend on a family shampoo, but to be honest the pump dispenser ekes it out and a little goes a long way.  The product itself is clear, smells of citrus and heady spice aromas, containing pure oil from Mandarin and Australian orange, almost edible!
I normally don't follow the shampoo twice regime, but had to in this case as the first did not lather, but after the second rinse I felt my hair to be thoroughly cleansed without harshness, my bleached abused barnet totally shone after styling and it even brought the colour out in brighter tones. A1 from me.  Stan tried it too, he has fairly oily hair, and has been working hard in a dusty environment, he felt it dried his hair slightly, a good thing.

The second product in the box of tricks was Argan oil detangler really this one for guinea pig wild haired Issey, aged 12, whose early morning pre school screams attempting to comb her hair into a semblance of order give me a headache. She sprayed after towel drying her locks and hey presto, she has been transformed into Human Child, also this seemed to transform her morning personality so not just a conditioner, more of a miracle......Buy It Now!!!  At 5.49 for a 125ml of pump spray you're worth it....also Argan Oil from Morocco is my must have smell of the moment........

So there you are for another month, take 5mins with your coffee this morning and have a gander at the site over at the folk there are helpful, the packaging as the goods are environmentally friendly, and the products are Purely Great!  Happy browsing!