Food and Friends

A welcome to Catherine and Lucy, latest followers, Lucy appeared on the Vanessa show last week, and looked great! Just a quick post again, as I have an action packed day today between Spanish class, local magazine, a school meeting and a school market garden, also today is Carnival for the kids and I have a cowgirl to dress, furiously sticking gold quality street wrappers on sheriff badge as I type, there's multitasking for you!

 I keep getting requests for all the recipes in one place, so have started to lead them and will add more weekly or bi weekly onto a separate page over at and shall also add a tapas shop for all you Spanish food lovers outside of Spain.  This will link to an ebay shop too....when I get 5 mins to spare!
I've had a fair bit of interest from other Tweeters too, so any recipes you want to add will be welcome, the emphasis is on fresh seasonal food in abundance, therefore economy drive motivated too!

So I shall plough on with today, let's hope the rain stays mainly on the plain for today, and roll on wine o'clock, bit of boring housework to drudge on with first....