Coming in from the cold...

Last night sitting with Stan doing a little networking, fire on, cold beer, relaxing.....the sudden snowstorm knocked out the electricity. No matter, the candles added to the relaxed atmosphere, you could hear a pin drop.

Suddenly, Issey burst in the door, a 12 yr old snowperson with a red nose and no volume control.  Apparently the neighbours and their 2 kids were freezing (only having electric heaters) can they come over please?  Of couse we answered, I pulled out a few more glasses and poured another couple of beers. 
What about M? -another neighbour-Issey again. What about him? He' s freezing too, can he come? Of course, I went back to retrieve another glass, in he came with his brother.....and girlfriend.  Quite a crowd plus the kids at this stage. I went to make some tapas whilst everyone pulled off boots and layers and settled in front of the fire.
 Knock Knock Hola?? The family of 5 from down the road bearing beer wine and snacks, explaining how cold their house was, and yes we know, come in....well we saw the smoke and thought....yes yes more glasses............
The night grew warmer, at least our sitting room, we sat and chatted and sang and told stories....after a couple of hours another this stage I just shouted Sube (climb up) in came the panadero and another friend......more singing, I played the spoons.... (I had no idea I could play the spoons!!)
Finally they went home around the witching hour, Stan went with them and I have no idea when he rolled in around 4 I think.....he went for a snowball fight...!

It may as well have been 200 or 300 years ago when this same little Arab styled flat roofed house saw the same scene, wonder if these walls really have ears?