Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Happy St Patrick's day to all you fellow countrymen, have a great day, wet the shamrock (don't drown it!) fiddle dee dee and all that jazz.
Remember whatever you gave up for Lent, you can do today,  Stan thinks I made that one up, as if, huh?!

I loved St Paddy's day growing up, Mass and all the girls with a green satin ribbon in their hair, the Dublin Parade, and the New York Parade on television (always better than ours!)  For dinner what did you have? Corned beef and cabbage, Colcannon or Coddle?  I love curly Kale but never see it here, probably animal feed!

Here in Las Alpujarras they celebrate their Saints day with bigger gusto than Birthdays, luckily for me the Barman is called Patrick, we might just celebrate with him tonight ....
Albuñol a nearby town towards the coast has it's day today, the Church is San Patricio, and the rock of the man himself is just out to sea a few more kms down from there.

St Patrick himself drove the snakes out of Ireland, here's a ditty:
Oh, while a man may dream awake,
On gentle Irish ground,
'Tis Paradise without the snake -
That's easy to be found.
~Frederick Langbridge

Pity he didn't holiday in Spain.............. 

So whether you eat something green today, wear something green, or after the day's revelry feel a bit green(!), enjoy yourself, throw a tenner on a horse, wherever you are enjoy the day!

Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter
Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after.
Poems and songs with pipes and drums
A thousand welcomes when anyone comes.
~Author Unknown