creme de la creme!

Having spent the Christmas and New Year period here in Andalucia, we didn't suffer from that post season exhaustion that traveling at this time of year often brings, no busy airports or bad weather to contend with. Still, with the arrival of January there's always that slightly overdone it all feeling and the urge to cleanse and renew. So it was with great pleasure I received the latest box of feel-good products from My Pure. Although delayed, I guess with the UK weather and all the snow, it was welcome and a little like an extra gift for our Spanish Christmas, Reyes, on the 6th!

This time I had asked for a face cream for daytime, and chose Akin Rose De Mai Antioxidant Day Creme .

 Really this one is a delight, light to the touch, non greasy, and is absorbed instantly. The cream is lightly scented with the heavenly aroma of rose oil, and it has the effect of revitalizing your skin instantly when applied to cleansed and toned skin. It seemed a little pricey for a 50ml pot but a tiny amount goes a long way so I guess on balance it is probably quite good value....another Australian great buy, it contains alpha lipoic acid, all Double Dutch to me but if works.....also a healthy dose of more understandable vitamins A, B5, C and E.

I also ordered a Soft Peeling Mask in readiness for the creme, this was superb at cleansing and revitalizing and a great step to ready the skin for moisturizing …. the downside is the doorbell always rings when I have applied a face mask!

The after effects of the two combined were smooth, toned and soft skin – no complaints here then.

I guess with all that goodness I can eschew the New Year diet and just Slap 'n Go instead!

Now the only wrinkles I need to smooth out are the internet and phone connection here at the top of my Spanish mountain, interminable problems, wonder if the nice folk over at My Pure have a remedy for that?!