Christmas carrot and cinnamon salad

Sitting here with hair masque hoping for a miracle, so I'll use the time to share a recipe with you....Where shall we go?....Let's go to Morocco again, and with Christmas coming up,  it's nice to throw together a quick salad to offset all the heavy food of the festive season.  
This includes cinnamon, so it smells Christmassy doesn't always have to be lettuce!!

12 carrots
3 oranges
300g caster sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon orange flower water (I make mine when the oranges are in blossom, but any middle eastern  bazaar type shop will have it)
pinch salt, to garnish some fresh mint leaves and icing sugar.

grate the carrots, remove the bitter pith from the oranges and dice them. Fling everything into a nice ceramic bowl and chill for 2 hours so all the flavours mingle, garnish with the mint and  icing sugar.

You can use beetroot instead of carrot for a change.....

This is really nice with fried Aubergine/Eggplant in tempura batter, and drizzled with warm honey.  A neighbour here in Murtas, Emilia, makes the best honey ever, or rather her bees do, scented with fresh rosemary and thyme from here in the Andalucian mountains.  A must- try if you visit our holiday home next year!