If I could turn back time...

Not really, but the blogging parcel from My Pure arrived this week with the latest selection of goodies for me to try and review - and this time I chose them myself so I opened the box with relish to find the requested products.

First up this month was  LOVEA BIO 50 SPF CRÉME VISAGE ANTI AGE
I wanted to order a new face cream, can't do without between my age and the weather here in southern Spain, and the latter gave me reason to choose this one for the SPF of 50, a good high protection. Also anything with Anti Age on the label pulls me in like a session with Derren Brown.   It comes in a generous 50ml pump action dispenser with Tahitian Monoi oil, and instructions to use 1 teaspoon to the face reapplying frequently.
Er, no. 
1 mm of the stuff would protect the hull of a cruise liner, it's consistency is so thick I looked like an extra from Rent-a-Ghost. I actually had to scrub it off and tried again with a mixture of two thirds E45, better. I guess it would make a good night cream if you sleep alone, to be honest the after effects were great and my skin felt very soft but the idea of mixing it puts me off, I just want to slap 'n' go..........

Next up was something I have always wanted to try but never got round to it, no not a facelift, but a crystal deodorant stick.  The idea of a natural stick, which is  fragrance free and which lasts a year appeals.  So I moistened the actual crystal and tried out the     ALVA KRISTALL-DEO NEUTRAL STICK                                                                                                             
and have to say it was great, no mess, no fragrance, a 90g stick that takes up no room on the shelf or your bag, and it works!
Fortunately for you no smellyvision on here but take it from me it's a great buy, and I think good sense for teenagers in the house who tend to asphixiate everyone with sprays, a good stocking filler maybe?

I can order more products today, ( I love these people)..... might try something out on Stan, wonder if they do miracle products?!  Hmmm......