Time out....

That time of the month again......no, my time of the month, when I receive lovely products from those nice folk over at www.mypure.co.uk where you really need to visit and browse their fantastic collection of natural organic products.

I've had a bit of a stressed time lately, computers with minds of their own and other stuff I won't bore you with, but sometimes living the good life here in the Alpujarras isn't all Felicity Kendall, and hard work doesn't always reap rewards! Of course, when you're feeling low you show it in lots of ways including dull brittle hair so I was pleased at least to find in my gift this month a 150ml tube of

A'kin Hair Care Ginkgo & Jojoba Intensive Moisture Hair Masque
All hair types except oily 150ml reviews (8) £7.49

I tried it at the first opportunity, and had mixed reactions. As a conditioner, after shampooing and left for the recommended 5 mins before rinsing I was disappointed - lustrous locks still evaded me - although I adored the scents of ginkgo and jojoba oils. Thankfully, I also tried the product as a masque, on an awayday at the beach and the results were significantly different. So at least on my hair type (dry, bleached) this is the better option. Would I purchase this product? Maybe not, at 7.49 I think it's a bit on the expensive side for what it is.But I did promise honest reviews so there you are...........

Second to impress or not was the tube of body scrub with Argan oils from Morocco, you'll remember we had the shampoo in the same range a while back and I had to fight the family for it.
Impressive? Definately. A regenerating body scrub that exfoliates and cleanses and actually polishes your skin is just gorgeous, one for the shower to invigourate in the morning or to sluice away dead skin spa-style.

Lovea Bio Argan Oil Cell Renewal Body Scrub
150ml reviews (1) £7.49

Now, that's worth 7.49 and more!

So, looking forward to the next consignment- and getting the computer fixed - I am currently using my daughters school netbook which seems to be made for teeny tiny fingers so apologies for any typos, at least the sun is still blazing down here in the Alpujarras, no sign of Autumn yet in Andalucia.........lots to smile about really. Have a nice week everyone, hasta luego.