bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air...

Ms Joni Mitchell puts it best, but I am not just fond of cloud sitting here at 1114m above sea level here in  Murtas  but cloud watching too........

Back in Wet Wales, mornings were curtains drawn, and the many sounds
of hospital and Heddlu sirens, tyres slooshing on the wet road, heating clicking on....

This morning it was my turn to rouse the boy, he catches the school bus at 7:30, and needs time for insulin, clothes choosing and hair arranging. Once he is esconced with food in front of him, I take my tea out to our south facing terrace and relax.

As  the bells chimed 7 the sky was still inky black with the only light from the villages strewn  like a diamond necklace on the throat of Mt Gador. Soon the palette changed to charcoal, teal, and with the first light the clouds began to take shape like ghosts until a pinkish blush escapes from the left of the mountain and shows us sunrise.

Spanish style first sounds get into gear with the bakers peacock  conversing with his neighboring cockerel (peakerel?), the Shrek like donkey puts in his 2c, the half hour bell bongs,  and the boy needs 2 passport sized photos today.

Aah, the spell is broken!!

There's a slight Autumnal chill this morning,  a note of change, Fiesta de San Miguel takes place this weekend, Isobel our fair maiden is still enthroned and will be mostly performing Queenly duties, we shall be mostly sampling wine...not too late for you to join us on the terrace for some cloud watching!
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