Hot Stuff

So where are you all now, the readers of this blog?  I sometimes check out the revolver map and am always surprised by the amount of hits I receive on a daily basis, I guess that it's down to the little tab that allows you to choose your language - I hope not too much is lost in translation!

Well, wherever you sit, Dear Reader/Browser/Lurker, I hope that whilst it' s not too cold, that you are not simmering like us in high temperatures matched only by the high humidity....we are positively melting.
July in the Alpujarras is always hot, indeed most foreign residents escape the whole month, but August normally brings a little respite, not this year.
The only mark of appreciation is the knowledge that Winter is so cold so we'll try not to moan too much, we'll soon be out loggin'!!
And the hot days bring balmy evenings where we sit with our friends, chewing the fat,( literally in the case of the neighbours chorizo) until the early hours, it's a most sociable time of year and we love it.

So whether you're by the fire in Australia, or the beach in Bali, continue to enjoy the rest of the summer and the blog, drop me a comment from time to time and consider a visit at some time to see us here in the mountains of Andalucia!