cicadas, castanets, cruzcampo

Lots and lots of reasons why our sleepy village is relaxing, tranquil, and mostly you can hear a pin drop.
Sometimes the summer brings extra sticky nights where it's easier to snooze in the day and stay up all night. Ideally on the covered terrace watching the stars with a hundred little candles........stop!......romantic version ends and reality bites...... with as much vigour as a blood starved mosquito.

We've had a few sleepless nights recently, mostly due to our latest canine additions, Boo and Radley, who seem to think daytime is for snoozing and yawning and stretching and nightime is for bullfighting practice, followed by food tasting and biggest turd competitions.

Last night they appeared to have settled so with a sigh of relief as 'new' parents we settled down having also got the human offspring into bed at a reasonable time.

Now I can handle the vuvuzula like cicadas, and the vampire neighborhood kids clicking castanets into the wee hours, but was not prepared for the howl that held a loooong note at 12.30 am. Wolves? No.

My neighbours not content with grilling very smelly fish had opted for a Trovo night, seated on their tinao (a covered one storey roof adjoining their house) and joined by 20 or so family they launched into a night of , ahem, music.

Now, I love a party, but when they'd done the traditional music hour, eaten the Meditteranean, and drank the entire village supply of Cruzcampo, the Gypsy Kings Tribute Band (the sons with guitars) is kind of, but LOUD. And so it went, bless their stamina,and the strumming and slurring finally wound down after 7.30 am. Ah, I love them all really, just as well.....

Now, assuming they're all sleeping it off, I think I'll clean up and put on some music.......bit of Metallica boys?