España 2010 I'm a little late on this one, but have various excuses including waiting for Miriams camera - didn't have one on the night.
So yes we won the World Cup - did you really ever doubt it?!

We celebrated every match with the locals - including the England ones, that didn't take a lot of time.....

It was England matches at our house, Spain matches at their house, starting with just 4 of us and growing every kick off-ending up with the quarter and semis in our new renovation together with our visitors all having the best time.
The Irish contingent were delighted with the Spanish party attitude, and the semis ended with Ronan making the village bread in the Panaderia!
Salou the baker had first brought his enormous TV down  - as you do, 5 pizzas, and a TV -  We arranged the final in the Panaderos (Bakers House) as a street party.  This also grew in number as the rest of the village heard about it and we settled down on a balmy summers evening, sitting in the street with Pizzas from the wood fired oven and an ocean of beer.
We shouted, whistled, clapped and cheered our way through 90 mins, then extra time, and finally.........well you know the rest!