Bread , Wine and Religon (football of course)

So the renovation finally finished at the eleventh hour, the visitors arrived, the sun shines on and all is well.

After an exhausting last run at it we finally completed the renovation for guests - pictures loaded to the website when the visitors have departed at the end of the week and hopefully we can book some guests for the rest of the year to this beautiful part of Andalucia. It's looking fabulous and due to the kind help from our friends and neighbours Steve and Geraldine it was all in the nick of time for our family members who arrived on Friday. They were stunned by the stylish transformation and the comfortable spacious accommodation, and have promised to do some hard marketing for me back in Ireland!

Saturday night brought the Spain match, and normally we watch 'home' matches with our Spanish neighbours, but as we are large in number this week we asked them here and we all watched it in the new place, along with Pete and Carole, our next door neighbours here, out for the weekend...
What a brilliant night we had,  lots to eat, local sangría from Jesús, Spain through to the semi final on Wednesday, we made a lot of noise into the wee hours, and were joined later by the Baker, Salou, who was working through the night as the neighbouring village had it's fiesta yesterday.

It ended with our guests making bread in the wood oven at the panaderia, and great plans for Wednesday, where we'll do it all again, but with more people, and Salou's HUGE tv which he is bringing along with his extended family. Help.

We still managed to make the fiesta yesterday, rounded off by a night of tapas and guitars, tuneless voices et al on the terrace - candle burning at both ends is great fun!!  Come and stay!