A very SAFE wine tale!

You see, ages since a blog post and then you get two at once!   

Not all play and no work here in Andalucia, it is relatively cheap to live here in the Alpujarras region of Spain but we still gotta work and that's what we have been doing lately, between creating a lovely new garden for a client and finishing our Moroccan styled renovation, can't wait to show you all the pictures.  

But yes of course we play too, and much time is spent with the neighbours who all make the most fantastic wine - well, rude not to eh?
We worked a Iittle with one neighbour clearing his vines of weed in order for him to be able to plough the lines.  Pete and Carole were out from the UK (Our sometime neighbours) for the fiesta and Pete was keen to muck in with the viñas and soak up a little of the cultural experience, also managed to soak up a little wine....!

Later that week, post fiesta, post neighbours, we helped the same Spanish neighbour move some goods to his new house, afterwards he asked us to his bodega for a glass of the red stuff.
Of course we are easily plied, and accepted.  There's a pattern emerging here.....

Now Stan is great, always chats away and isn't bothered whether he gets it a little wrong regarding verbs and tenses, to be honest the best way to be  - as confidence is often  the hardest thing to overcome when learning a new language as an adult - which is why kids are fluent in a matter of months...I seem to have a larger capacity for words, verb conjugation and am his dictionary when he gets stuck, also have a large capacity for viño but no 'off' switch unfortunately for either of us.....Sometimes he doesn't ask,  just guesses the word assuming it's the same as the English except adding io or ia or ente (if it's latin  then that's usually fairly close!)
There we were sipping away and chatting to Diego, and Stan was asking him about the making of the stuff, the usual chatter. How many litres this year, blah blah.  Diego had just taken a mouthful when Stan asked whether he used any 'preservativos' this year.  Said host spluttered the wine and denied, most vehemently, he had certainly not used condoms in the making of this or any years wine!!   That'll be one of those words that does not translate directly then Stan!