Tried, tested. Official:You can make a silk purse from a sows ear!

Lovea shine shampoo with Moroccan Argan

 As I sit here and write, while everyone sleeps in - the birds
are singing and the Spanish sun is making its' heat felt
already at 08:15am. I also feel energized this fine morning
due to the in house beauty treatment!
Having soaked in the bath, I used my 'me time' to try out
the fabulous products from and can 
tell you to go and browse online NOW!

First the shampoo, Stan got there before me last night, 
to say he has lank locks is an understatement (sorry Stan) 
but he loved the experience of washing with
Lovea Moroccan Argan shampoo. 

The smell is quite male and gingery, with notes of bergamot
and spice,everything you expect from Morocco! 
I wasn' t sure to be honest, I have been bleaching my hair for
way too long, and need to use a heavy conditioner,
but I left it out today to try and get the full unmasked effect
of the shampoo and am pleasantly surprised by the overall

I used the eighth wonder facial serum next, and am sitting 
here feeling as though I have 'just stepped out of the salon'!
Really economical, one pump is plenty, two will do your neck 
area too, lovely. And animal testing taboo too - a bonus.
Lastly, my favourite. The rose hydrating mist is on my shelf
for keeps.Heavenly scented, light and refreshing, it went on
my face, feet and well ,everywhere! 
That's THE product for travelling, plane journeys, car trips, 
and living here in Andalucia makes it a must buy for me.
Do yourself a favour now and GO BUY!

Off to the coast now for the day, clutching my A'kin pure 
rose mist, I shall probably have to replenish stocks later!