Catni for Lola lu

Just for lola lu on Twitter, Catni, the Hindi for Chutney, a lovely Mango mixture to eat with Curry, Cheese, or just to stick the spoon in!
I made a batch of this yesterday, and it needs to stand for about 4 weeks, but I know it will not last that long! Mangoes are in season at the moment, so grab them while they're cheap and make a batch too, you will be hooked!

1.5kg mangoes, not too squishy, peeled, chopped

680g brown sugar (Lola - jaggery in Dublin at one of the food markets, even better)
180g garlic cloves, chopped
same amount of fresh ginger, peel and chop this too
handful each of sultanas and raisins
2 tablespoons of salt, seems a lot but required

1 tablespoon each ground cumin, coriander ,chilli, and a teaspoon of ground clove
Halve the chilli if you don't like it hot

so to cook - put the mangos and maybe an apple in a little water, bring to a boil add the sugar and a bit more water if it's sticking.
process the everything else roughly.
throw it all together stir well until thickened then take it off the heat, cool and bottle.

Now the hard part, leave it alone for 4 weeks....
Betcha don't!!
Yesterday I had some leftover mincemeat from Christmas so that went in the pot too, enjoy.