It's a widely held concept here that the Spanish hold a fairly cavalier attitude towards their animals, and use them for work, or keeping the rats away, or eat them.  Well, the expat community is just as bad here in Andalucia, and I suspect around the world. They will leave here at the drop of a hat, and walk away from the extended members of their family without a care.

We look after holiday homes here in the Alpujarras region of southern Spain, usually up for rent because the owners have not found it to be viable to live here on a permanent basis, and occasionally come across an abondoned pet, usually less thought of than the DVD  collection they packed with care. 

So, we are now parents to MARCO, village kickabout dog now fully paid up policeman of the village, and a man of means. (own football)
TRIXIE, beautiful with a face only a mother could love, and a heavy snore. FLUFFY the fate described above was hers, a stunning white persian with crossed eyes. And CLEO, abandoned in Wales, our ever angry, grumpy, tortoiseshell cat. 

Today an addition, a greyish black bag of bones masquerading as a dog on the way home from the coast, long fur matted and a willing nature, is now after 3 shampoos and a set, a white mini Dulux dog languishing happily with a full belly by my feet as I type.  

By the way, it's BARNEY, say hello!