Just sharing with you the acrid taste in my mouth this morning......  Recently visited with a ' web designer' to obtain a quote for a site dedicated to Sale and Rental properites in this area, the Alpujarras, Andalucia  region, whereby the owners would advertise for free, a traffic driving exercise which would hopefully earn me advertising revenue, and maybe an agreed commission on sales and rentals in the future.
The original quotation was reasonable, but soon doubled, hey ho.  I explained that I would wait a couple of months to save the cash needed, and advised to go ahead and purchase the domain name. 
Yesterday said expert announces he has had a great idea and proceeds to advertise a website, with, well, you've guessed the rest of course......

Now, what do do? Grind teeth? Get mad?  No!

I realise that with the FANTASTIC success of this site, and the huge amount of traffic it generates, I shall continue to build this and the rentals site myself, -what a fun learning exercise it has been -, together with social networking and the reputation we have built in this area, I will succeed.
We have compiled, and are are still adding to, a list of quality researched and visited properties to suit all requirements in the Alpujarra region of southern Spain. 

Meanwhile consider spleen vented and cortisone levels  readjusted!!

Now where did I put those sour grapes, they suddenly seem rather sweet!!!


  1. addendum - after I posted this Blog he BANNED me from his little message board, and I never even mentioned a name!! I guess the guilt got 'im!!


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