No not a typo error, oso is Spanish for Bear, and we were horrified to find one on Friday, chained and miserable, scraping the dust and rubbish in a bored depressed fashion. Where were we? No, not in the wilds  - but slap bang in the middle of what passes for town, Cadiar, Las Alpujarras.

Yep, you've guessed it, the Circus has come to town, and brought with it all those poor animals that in this day and age, in Europe of all places, should be liberated.

So for a few nights these creatures will perform in front of a crowd and then move elsewhere to continue their miserable existence. I guess as long as children are uneducated in the protection of species, and allowed to continue the mindset that it's okay to gawp and be 'entertained'.

Nothing wrong with a circus per se, the smell of greasepaint and the roar of the crowd should invoke memories of laughter at the clowns, the dizzy heights climbed by the trapeze artist and the skill of the acrobat, shouldn't that be enough?

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