Last post deserves a pork recipe, don't you think?
This one comes not from here in the Alpujarra, or even Andalucia, but today I 'm taking you further north to the Asturias region of Spain. Wetter and greener than here in the south, the customs are of course the same and the annual pig slaughter, is followed by a large family meal at which this dish is cooked the idea being to find out the quality of the meat before the sausages and morcilla (blood sausage) are made.

So on to ....Asturian Marinated Pork

1 Mash together lots of garlic and salt together in a mortar.Add oregano and paprika and pound, pound, pound. No bingo wings here!

2. Add enough olive oil to the mixture to make a cream.

3. Lay down pork slices on a flat surface, and spread both sides with your mixture.  Leave it all there for a few hours.

4. Heat more oil in the biggest frying pan you have and fry pork gently on both sides, turning once, for about 15 mins, depends on how thick you sliced them really.

5. Serve with sweet roasted peppers, fried potatoes, loads of wine, a gathering of family and neighbours and enjoy!

So, another quick, easy and tasty recipe from here in Sunny Spain, so when am I coming round?!  You could always do these on the BBQ too....outside food always tastes better!