I love to find the traditional music indigenous to whatever place I visit, being Irish we're steeped in it, personally we like to collect anything with the REALWORLD label and have Songlines delivered here to catch up on new artists
Thinking of Spain, you automatically think Flamenco, and so you should. But, the village we moved to here in the Alpujarras is actually the home of a type of trad music called Trovo, mostly fiddles and sometimes guitars, always with a couple of lines sung by the main Trovador, which are meant to ridicule his target. Said target has to quickly make up a response, equally funny. One song can be as long as half an hour and the old Trovodores, sadly dying out, are immensely respected. A fellow neighbour, and anthropologist, Alberto del Campo Tejedor, has written a beautiful book about the musicians, entitled Trovadores de Repente.
Last summer, one balmy July night, he invited musicians from all over Andalucia to have a 'ceilidh" in his Bodega, and we were lucky enough to be asked along. The night was one to remember, and the crowd soon spilled onto the street around his house, we tapped our feet and drank wine until the wee hours, it really reminds me so much here of being in Ireland. I'll upload a photo after I finish this, but apologies in advance for the fuzziness, the fiddles were so fast you can almost see the smoke! Anyway, have a great weekend, meet me back here during the week, I'm thinking Tapas recipes!