A Bear, Where? Over There!

A strong point of contention in deciding our move here was the lifestyle, not so much the usually touted laid back, weather type of lifestyle but a real childhood for our kids, then aged 7 and 10.
Well it really has worked out just like that, teething problems of course with schools and language, but overall we have bought them a childhood in the old fashioned sense, with lots of playing out for hours and exploring for miles on their own, not something they could ever do in the UK. They also seem to be more inventive, and certainly imaginative.
Our daughter, now 11, particularly likes to hike with one or other of the dogs, and her camera is always at the ready to shoot wild orchids, insects and the like.
On Sunday she headed out as the rain had abated, and was back earlier than usual, out of breath, and excited. "I saw a bear, huge, down at the era, but didn't get a picture"
Of course we all fell about laughing, but an hour or so later she went out anyway and told the local kids who were finishing a game of hide and seek. Whipping out her camera she showed them a picture of a very large brown bear, munching his way through a lush green forest, (bear in mind -no pun intended- there are no trees here except for Almond and Fig. So she rounded up a team of assorted children, aged 3 to 15, armed her merry men with assorted weaponry, and headed off.
Alas for the kids, the bear appeared to have bolted.......quite possibly back to North America where the picture was scanned from.....
Back to school today after the short break for Dia de Andalucia, and she's enjoying basking in the glory.....