What's in a name?

So you've guessed the name of this blog alludes to the book by Gerald Brenan, SOUTH FROM GRANADA. Set not a million miles from here in the village of Yegen, it depicts the authors stay there from 1920 to 1934. There's a movie too of the same name, but it's more autobiographical, akin to THE INTERIOR CASTLE, another publication. The other half had a bit of fun collecting various editions of the book before we moved here, including a lovely folio edition, but copies can be had of an edition here, see the ad below. Actually it's quite an entertaining read, and goes a good way to delve into the landscape of this area, and discover some of the customs and superstitions without getting too heavy. It's extremely well written and one of those books you tend to pick up all the time, just to re read a chapter here and there. There's even a reference to our village and a mad scot who philandered and drank and generally disgraced himslf, and we're trying to locate the Cortijo, or farmstead where he was supposed to live. So, why not? Give it a read and let us know what you think...payment includes postage to Spain (other areas send us an email) and you too can have a little of the Alpujarras in your home.