The Walls dog, right?! You'll be saying that all day...Sausages. Not Walls though, or even de tick oirish ones...I can say that, see...!

Birthday bash in the bodega last night, birthday girl was 13 - we have been going to her parties since she was just 8...a tradition if you like.

Some of the kids were from Cádiar, when the designated Dad came to collect the sugar fuelled carload of kids, he was steered in whether he wanted to be or not and introduced.  Proud moment and bit of puffed out chests as we were introduced as 'familia', along with the bona fide relatives there.

I guess we are, as they are to us, nearly 7 years of good friendship, loyal hearts, and lots of free wine, saffron milk caps, lettuce and green beans galore...and open doors and ears on both sides. As they say, you can pick and choose people, get landed with them, and make mistakes by befriending the wrong ones, but sometimes you get it , well, just right...

Waved at one point through the door behind where we sat, our host proudly showed us 200+ salchichon baton-like lengths hanging from the ceiling - made this week by his wife and her friend with the sausage stuffer machine thingy.

Invited by the extended Almería familia today to lunch, first I am popping over to the bodega to take picture or two of the peppered lovelies, maybe a little short 'grabar' on the camera. Shall bore you with it later.

For now? Feeling not great, like someone is sitting on my chest - hey, there you are! -  but off anyway to conjure up my Carrot Cake, with American frosting and Walnut Praline on an offering for postre. Pud to you and me.

Whoever and wherever you are, have a lovely 'last bit' of the weekend! x


  1. Hola,

    Came across you great site via La Rosilla. I'd like to introduce to The Cudeca Pop-up Diners Club here and FB here please come visit and support this important Cancer fundraising, you would be most welcome.

    Many thanks from The Spanish Wok

    1. Thanks you, I shall go over and have a look see.


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